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Mistress for Christmas

So having three weeks off is giving me plenty of time to be naughty ;)I think Santa will still come by my house. I hear he likes bad girls. I went to the mall and bought some deep red velvet and fuzzy white faux fur. I am quite the seamstress and I need a naughty outfit to spread christmas cheer in ;) I will make it very short with a flounce fir trimmed skirt. Strapless with fur topped bustier. I do have the tit's to hold it up *giggle* I will even make a matching red velvet thong.

I went shopping for a strapon for my girlfriend Miss G. I wanted something knobby but rubbery. I am still looking for the best gift for her, and me LOL. I just want her to have a strapon for when I come over.

There is also this guy I have been meaning to seduce for a while. Let's call him Mr. D Anyway he seems pretty shy although he talks big he has never made a move on me. I have been letting the anticipation build for six months at least. Maybe if I show up in that outfit and ask him to show me how fat his tongue really is he will get the point and FUCK ME already LOL.I do enjoy visiting him but it's way way past time to cut to the chase.

Three Vacation Goals (so far)

1. make outfit
2. buy strapon for Miss G
3. Seduce not scratch that

I will keep you all posted ;)
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