Cherlynn Starr (cherlynnstarr) wrote,
Cherlynn Starr

Training Mr D

So I went over to Mr D's house last night. I thought it was way past time to continue his training. I brought my satin fuzzy velcro bondage straps with me. They don't look very threatening and I was very sure I could convince him to let me tie him down. Of course he let me silly boy ;). I started by giving him my best blow job. rubbing and tugging on his nut sac. using my palm to massage from his asshole to the base of his dick while my throat milked his precum in fat drops. I like to stick a man's dick in my mouth all the way and then try to suck and swallow it whole. I never do swallow the dick lol but it feels fantastic. I digress. I waited until he was fully aware of my teasing him. I would slow down as he got close every time. I told him I was going to give him the biggest orgasim he had ever had. I pulled out a seven inch slim dildoe and told him he would have to trust me. He said no way and started to struggle yelling untie me. So I told him I was going to leave the room to have a smoke untill he calmed down. I lay down beside him and gave him some encouragement. I know you can do this I will be gentle darling. I climbed on his face and let him taste me as I teased his virgin ass with my dildoe.....

that's all lovelies. If you want to know what happend next you will have to call me *chuckle*
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