Cherlynn Starr (cherlynnstarr) wrote,
Cherlynn Starr

Crimp in my plans

So I had my naughty outfit all ready to go and I was feeling hot hot hot. And then my fridge broke down. So I purhased a new freezer. Mine went a few months ago. I so should have replaced it because I was so out of luck when the fridge broke leaving me with absolutly no cold storage. Lucky for me I got my landlord mobilized and got him to buy a fridge that day. So I feel like a kitchen hero. On the plus side I have a fresh new start, It was really unfun however. Hopefully tonight will be more fun. I will call Mr. D or Miss G and see who is home LOL. Hmnnnnn!!!! Which lucky person will see my sexy mistress outfit first. Don't worry I will definatly kiss and tell. I have a strapon to wrap now ;)
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