Cherlynn Starr (cherlynnstarr) wrote,
Cherlynn Starr

Teasing My Clit and Ass untill I am Sopping Wet

You know you have to call me if you want to help me get off. I am wearing my anal beads right now. I often wear them all day long to keep me on the edge. Each time I get up and walk around I feel the delicious tension of my tight panties and those thick beads against my sensative swollen parts. I can't touch my clit sometimes because I know I won't be able to stop. I love to feel this way. So alive, so lustfull so ready for your hard cock. I want to use my big nine inch dildoe. I have it right here waiting for my phone to ring. I am saving it all for my lucky caller. Mnnnnnn!!!!!!


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