Cherlynn Starr (cherlynnstarr) wrote,
Cherlynn Starr


Did you all miss me? Well I missed you. I did have two very lovely friends with me and they spirited me away to Banf. I went with Miss. S and her boyfriend Mr R of the huge cock. I am so glad Miss S is not a liar ;)So I took it slow with me R so he wouldn't be too scared ;). I do know how to please a man. He was very curious as to what his girlfriend and I do when we are alone. As much as I would like to write it all down it was so hot I will have to use it for one of my voice recordings. I do hate to spoil surprises. I will say that by the end of the trip I was making Miss S service the room service guy in front of her boyfriend. It's cold up here so you have to do what you can to stay warm ;). I will write some more about my trip when I have the time ;)
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